Our Process

We are committed to producing successful outcomes for everyone involved. Not just clients, not just candidates, and most importantly, never just ourselves. With this in mind, we adopt a consultative recruitment approach with the objective of providing quality, consistency and personality

Our Staff

The personal and professional development of our team is a big part of our philosophy. To achieve this, we instil our culture from the outset; a sense of care, understanding and thoroughness are prioritised.

Our Clients

Our emphasis upon close client relationships has been critical to Mankind IT’s long-standing success. We believe that understanding a client brief is the most critical aspect in placing the right person. Therefore, our intention is always to gain a profound first-hand understanding of our clients, the way they work, and of course, their staffing needs.

Our Process Begins with You

Relax, sit back, and leave it to us. If it’s one thing we at Mankind IT know all too well, it’s to understand YOU. Our experienced team will work with you to find the perfect role and organization for the next step in your career journey. Worry not! An experienced recruitment manager dedicated to you will be your single point of contact as our recruitment gurus work their magic behind the scenes to connect you with your next employer.

Starting Your Journey

Your ideal job might be just around the corner. But before we go on search mode, tell us who you are, what drives you, and what you aspire to. Prior to us taking your CV to potential employers, we will have a discussion with you in person or via video conference to understand what kind of person you are and what makes you tick. This will help our team align your vision with our resources, helping you connect with an employer looking for somebody just like you.

Finding You the Perfect Fit

We are not genies, but we can take you to the destination you wish for! Your personal Mankind IT recruitment manager will keep you posted about the progress of your job search and assist you every step of the way, providing expert advice on refining your CV to preparing for an interview. We will provide you a range of prospective employers and help you find the perfect fit that syncs with your aspirations!

A Lasting Partnership

We are not your average recruitment agency. We believe in assisting our candidates and ensuring their on track to meet their goals even after you secure a placement. Your dedicated Mankind IT recruitment manager will monitor your progress through your probationary period and assist you whenever needed in the months to follow; and that’s what we call a lasting partnership!

What we stand for

There is nothing more valuable for an organization than having the right people for the right jobs. As such, hiring decisions will play a crucial role in your organization’s success. At Mankind IT, we have made it our mantra to maximize value for everyone in the recruitment process, whether it is an organization or a candidate. Our management, technical, and practical expertise can help you successfully recruit the ideal person for your IT vacancy from the entry level to the very apex of the largest organizations.

The Process

Mankind IT is a company that is fully geared to face the challenges of recruiting in a world that is in constant motion and evolution. The IT industry may change, but our process will always stay true to our formula that has delivered successful results for years. We thoroughly assess our candidates and work closely with our clients to identify the perfect match for any IT vacancy. Our team of experienced recruitment managers and advanced technologies are fine-tuned to find the correct results without any delays while delivering a degree of convenience that sets us apart from the rest.

Bringing You the Future of Recruitment

How are we different? Let’s start off with the fact that we are the ONLY dedicated IT recruitment company in Sri Lanka! We can provide you the ideal solution for your IT personnel requirement, which is an assurance backed by a sound and unparalleled knowledge of the IT workforce both locally and internationally. Furthermore, our methods combine cutting edge technology with a keen understanding of individual candidates to give you the correct result with zero margin of error, every time.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Recruitment, especially in the IT sector, may be a stressful affair for most, but for us it’s a craft we have refined and mastered over the years. At Mankind IT, we assist you in every step of the way in your search for the ideal candidate.
We thoroughly analyze your requirement before beginning our process to ensure we find a candidate that fits the requirement and complements your organization’s culture. Thereafter, we will present you a refined list of potential candidates that best suit the vacancy. We will organize interviews and liaise between you and the candidates to keep things simple and convenient for both parties. What we do is not rocket science. It’s just a very special art that we have gotten used to perfecting.